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Purchasing On-Demand

In need of a person who will source, negociate and find you the best prices? Offers a variety of sourcing, and find you the best quotes and the best suppliers.

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How to keep your hotel safe from COVID-19?

LET’S FACE COVID-19 Stay Calm, be Prepared and keep Informed COVID-19 is now on the pandemic stage, spreading across the world and breaking down our economic and social structures. Change brings along fear and anxiety affecting the travel and hospitality industry on an unprecedented scale around the world and now in Mauritius. In the US, […]

Room Division Specialisation Certification

Essentially, a Rooms Division manager holds a very senior position in that they are responsible for overseeing both the Front Office and Housekeeping Operations of a hotel or resort. It affects the overall profit and requires an appropriate strategy for the successful operation of the hotel. Therefore, the manager must have the necessary skills to overcome the […]

Hotel Sustainability Services

As a professional in the hospitality industry, hotel sustainability is an issue you should pay attention to. Making greener choices for your hotel will save you money, but the real benefit is in meeting customer demand. This year, the number of travelers who want eco-friendly travel options is projected to grow by 36% compared to […]

Wedding Planner & Planning Training

Whether you are planning your own wedding or you have always dreamed of organising events to help couples plan the perfect day, or you are intending to become an event planner, then the Wedding Planning Certification is the right choice for you. Wedding day is definitely the day where everything should work perfectly! 24 Modules […]

Crisis Manual Services: Contagious Diseases

Contagious diseases (such as the flu, colds, or strep throat) spread from person to person in several ways. One way is through direct physical contact, like touching or kissing a person who has the infection. Another way is when an infectious microbe travels through the air after someone nearby sneezes or coughs. While the coronavirus is […]

Magical Christmas Experiences

Christmas is about escaping from daily life, and entering a magical world where imagination wanders in extraordinary places crowded with fairytale images. Christmas is also about bringing people together in appreciating an experience to share and celebrate with family. What if we could create an enchanting tradition to celebrate the festive Christmas seasons with guests? […]

Managing Housekeeping Certification

Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public area, back area and surroundings. “I consider housekeeping to be the heart of hotels and it is only when something goes wrong that it is recognized – just like our hearts.” – Sheila Perera This module provides a […]