About Hospitality Creatives Ltd.

Created by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals

Careers in the hotel business are numerous, varied and constantly evolving. Standards that have been learned and applied for decades, often have a negative impact on team members.

In response to this, we offer trainings to help team members evolve in their work and be as efficient as possible. We implement new standard of operations in order to optimize the work and revenue of a department.

However, since we are aware that not every establishment has the desire or the resources to set up this kind of practice, we have developed a range of “à la carte” services for companies, from revenue management audits to on-demand Sales Manager for specific trade fairs.

At Hospitality Creatives Ltd. we are convinced that a stimulating work environment and motivated teams are the key to success for any business.

More about the company

We have developed three main services within the company in order to offer a dedicated and specific service to our clients: training, hospitality services and teamwork.

More about our trainings

Our training courses, from “how to prepare a job interview” to “how to become a hotel manager” are complete and adapted to each person in order to have a significant impact on their career.